Albiez-Montrond (1500-2200 m)

Book accommodations with this sign without risk!

A free cancellation due to the COVID19 pandemic is possible for accommodations with this sign if one or more of the following points apply:

  • Closure of the booked accommodation.
  • Closure of the booked ski resort.
  • Closure of the borders of your country of Origin and/or France.
  • Confinement or travel prohibition in France.

These measures must be valid on the day of arrival and must not yet exist at the time of booking. In case of regulatory measures taken during your stay leading to an early return to your place of residence, you will be reimbursed for any unused nights and unused ski pass days.

Suusapiirkond Albiez-Montrond Lisainfo

Suusaradade pikkus 35 km
lihtne 20 km
keskmine 11 km
raske 4 km
Suusaradade arv 27
roheline 6
sinine 10
punane 7
must 4
Suusaliftid 11
Suusatõstukid 7
Suusatõstukid 3
Lumemasinad 51
Snowparks 1
Valgustatud suusarajad 2
Murdmaasuusatamine 30 km
Kelgurajad 2

Suusakuurordid Albiez-Montrond